TunnelBearBandwidth Support

Free VPN Access in Restrictive Environments

As part of our mission for an open and uncensored internet, TunnelBear provides free limited bandwidth upgrades to countries facing widespread online censorship.

We provide these bandwidth allowances to help our users access the open internet in crucial times for their community, like election periods, protests, or to evade government blocking of communication websites, like WhatsApp or Facebook.

We believe those going through such difficult situations should not have to consider the financial burden of open access to the internet, so we work with community partners to help us identify and support countries where we should provide bandwidth allowances.

TunnelBear also provides reporting on VPN availability and instances of technical blocking attempts as part of this program.

Are you an organization fighting against cyber-censorship? Do you believe digital security tool access can vastly improve someone's day-to-day life? If so, we want to hear from you. Our community team is looking forward to giving you the inside scoop!

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