The TunnelBears Now Speak 16 Languages

The TunnelBears Now Speak 16 Languages

The TunnelBear team is excited to announce that our mobile apps for iOS and Android are now available in 16 different languages. It took a while to get reasonable translations of all the Grrs and Rawrs, but you should now get the full TunnelBear experience in your native language. What »

Snapchat Reveals Data-Sharing With U.S. Government

Snapchat, the photosharing app that automatically deletes messages sent between users, recently released a transparency report. In it, the company revealed that it has complied with governmental data requests more than almost any other tech company (including Twitter, Google, and Facebook), providing at least some data in response to fully »

UBER Hack Puts Users' Travel History at Risk

An apparent security breach at online taxi service Uber led to thousands of logins going up for sale on the dark web, sometimes for as little as $1. Data being sold includes usernames, passwords, past trip information, user phone numbers, and partial credit card information. Here’s what bears are »