A Leaner and Meaner TunnelBear Privacy Policy

A Leaner and Meaner TunnelBear Privacy Policy

Privacy policies can be a difficult read. They’re usually long and complicated documents that are drowned in “legalese” that only a lawyer could love. They are rarely updated and don’t reflect all the decisions which might allow a new piece of customer information to be collected or used. »

Snapchat Reveals Data-Sharing With U.S. Government

Snapchat, the photosharing app that automatically deletes messages sent between users, recently released a transparency report. In it, the company revealed that it has complied with governmental data requests more than almost any other tech company (including Twitter, Google, and Facebook), providing at least some data in response to fully »

UBER Hack Puts Users' Travel History at Risk

An apparent security breach at online taxi service Uber led to thousands of logins going up for sale on the dark web, sometimes for as little as $1. Data being sold includes usernames, passwords, past trip information, user phone numbers, and partial credit card information. Here’s what bears are »