Lenovo Installed "Superfish" Spyware on its PCs

This week consumers learned that Lenovo, the world’s largest personal computer company, has been embedding a spyware, “Superfish,” deep in its machines. The software not only reported all user activity to the manufacturer in China, but also caused massive security breaches in the machines, allowing hackers to easily access »

Government Requests for Twitter User Data Spikes

According to twitter, data requests from government agencies worldwide have spiked by 40% since last July, including requests for the data of individual users. Many of these requests are coming from countries like Turkey, with long histories of repressing internet speech. Here’s what bears are saying: “This is why »

Samsung Smart TV Listening in on Customers

Samsung recently confirmed that its new SmartTV is always listening; when people speak near the television, it may record the entire content of their conversations, allegedly in order to improve its voice recognition. The company may also be sharing those recorded conversations with third parties. Here’s what bears are »