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Report: Facebook Tracks All Visitors, Even If You're Not a User

A study by the Belgian data protection agency has found that Facebook has been tracking the web-browsing activity of all visitors to its site via “like” buttons–even visitors that aren’t Facebook users or are users but have opted out of tracking–in order to tailor advertising to them. Here’s what bears are saying:

  • ![blah](/blog/content/images/2016/09/blah-2.jpg)
    “If Facebook has been collecting my personal data for all these years, is it possible for them to tell me where exactly my life went so wrong?” Helga Krakoski – Aesthetician
  • ![omg](/blog/content/images/2016/09/omg-1.jpg)
    “And here I thought all of those nipple-clamp ads were seen by everyone. The topic of my work conversations seriously have to be curtailed.” Ario Perth – Bitcoin Speculator
  • ![ifuckingloveit](/blog/content/images/2016/09/ifuckingloveit-2.jpg)
    “Well I’m not so easily swayed by ‘clever’ attempts to target ads to my…WHOA! Sale on Tamagotchis? TAKE MY MONEY.” Saturday Wilson – Sudoku Master

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