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Simple Privacy for Everyone

We think the Internet is a much better place when everyone can browse privately, and browse the same Internet as everyone else. TunnelBear wants to bring the benefits of privacy to everyone with our incredibly simple apps.

Meet the Bears

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Corp. Bear

Ryan Dochuk

Since Cofounding TunnelBear, I've personally supervised the amount of bears and puns in every product. With plenty of hard work, our team has introduced online privacy to millions of people around the world. Previously I managed products at Microsoft and a mobile security startup.

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Quantum Bear

Daniel Kaldor

Cofounder of TunnelBear. I architect the TunnelBear tunnels. Previously I built and sold a mobile application company called CC Apps. I've also worked at RIM, Goldman Sachs and studied Math at Cambridge.

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Ivan Sergeyenko

Partner at TunnelBear. While my true love is developing for anything Apple, at TunnelBear I work on just about everything. Previously, I cofounded another company (CatPig Studios) and lead development at Wave Accounting among other startups. I studied Computer Science at Waterloo.

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Pixel Bear

Andrew W.

Designer at TunnelBear. I draw lots and lots of bears. Previously, I've designed pretty much everything across print, web and mobile design for companies and agencies on brands such as Toyota and Lexus.

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Paddle Bear

Rodrigue H.

Developer at TunnelBear. When I'm not dominating the office Ping Pong table, I ship beautiful apps. So if you see an animated bear that perfectly fits your screen walking, roaring and protecting your privacy - that's my work. I also have a masters in Computer Science.

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Smokey Bear

John R.

Marketing and Bear Ops. When I'm not coming up with new bear puns, I spend my time cooking and eating delicious food.

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Toque Bear

Alex L.

Having been possessed by the evil lord beardemort, I've been forced to wear a toque to conceal his noseless face on the back of my fuzzy head. Bear of all trades, I work predominately on the backend, making sure our bears get the food they need. I studied Software Engineering at Waterloo.

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Care Bear

Owen L.

Q-rawr-lity Assurance Bear. I spend my days hunting and eating bugs and exploring tunnels to make sure they're up to scratch! (Also I'm the only Welsh bear in town, Iechyd da!).

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Sun Bear

Claire C.

Marketing bear, resident boy band enthusiast and Nerf battle instigator. Seemingly immune to computer screen glare, I'm the only bear in the den that you'll find working next to a sunny window.

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Raed M.

Droid bear. Welcomed in off of the streets, I came in as a young, ambitious cub and was nursed into a wild and dangerous bear. Since starting here, I've come to love board games, ping pong, and privacy. Studied Computer Engineering at Waterloo.

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Based Bear

Marcus O.

iDevelobear. Waterloo Computer Engineering and one of the bear trainers in the cave. I mostly spend my time providing digital habitats for all TunnelBears and BlockBears on iOS and macOS.

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Vector Bear

Dennis K.

Designer at TunnelBear. Born and raised in the Russian Far East. Early in life developed a deep-seated aversion to poorly designed things. Couldn't let it go ever since. Outside of the bear cave, I'm an avid non-fiction reader and language learner.

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Moto Bear

April B.

DevOps at TunnelBear. I work to keep the servers online and secure in order to keep your traffic private. In my free time you'll pawsibly find me at the archery club. If not, chances are I've lost my bearings while riding my cruiser into the sunset. Rawr, rawr rawr Rawr! I love the sound of that engine! Ride safe and keep the shiny side up.

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Shutter Bear

Jared K.

Web Developer at TunnelBear. I spend most of my time tinkering with JavaScript and optimizing the website. When I'm not coding I'm most often seen with a camera in hand. An avid traveller and street photographer, I'm always rushing off to photograph some new corner of the world.

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Tattoo Bear

Eliot C.

Five years behind UW Computer Engineering bars has made me gruff, tough, and hardy. The experience has instilled in me a love for the back-end development and big data, and the ability to cram any subject in a single night. Outside the cave, I love to eat great food, and hope to someday own seventeen cats and fifteen dogs.

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Camp Bear

Dane C.

Windows developer at TunnelBear. In the summer I enjoy going on canoe camping trips and relaxing at the cottage. When I'm not startling unsuspecting campers, you can find me exploring new places and foods, playing volleyball, or losing to Paddle Bear at ping pong. I studied Software Engineering at Waterloo.

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Poler Bear

Azu S.

Operations Manager bear. I'm the money spender and a nerd for numbers and processes. I enjoy strength exercise in many forms in the north for warmth and awesomeness. I'm an inclusive bear that wants all bears to be feel part of the sleuth.

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Obi-Wan KenoBear

Dave C.

Support Bear at TunnelBear. When I'm not off saving the galaxy from evil emperors and Sith lords, I'm offering support to my fellow bears! Occasionally I work on film sets, and I am an avid animator and gamer (and obviously a huge Star Wars fan). “May the bear be with you!”

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Paddlington Bear

Amy K.

Accessibility advocate and all-year camping enthusiast who dreams of meeting real polar bears in the Arctic. Happiest when paddling a canoe.

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Djordje M.

Developing by day, star gazing by night. Shipping backends in the Milky Way since my Computer Engineering days at Waterloo. I love everything from sports, science and bears, to art, literature, and the wind in my hair.

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Cybear Akuma

Jacky L.

iOS developer who seeks the ultimate power for code perfection. Crushes bugs with no mercy. Master of the UI. Destroyer of snacks.

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Headhunter Bear

Katie P.

When I'm not headhunting new talent for the Sleuth, I'm in the cave dreaming up our next HR initiative. I make sure all the Bears have what they need to stay engaged & motivated, which typically requires a LOT of snacks.

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Debbie O.

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask. Now I fight against evil pixels and strike terror in the heart of poor design. When the mask comes off, you can find me with a camera in one hand and a book in the other.

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Cowbear Bebop

Eric M.

I'm a hybrid Copywriter/Marketing Bear. I've written copy for the BBC, BBC Worldwide and too many FMCPG brands to count. When I'm not writing about technology, food or television, I write TV scripts, film scripts and songs.

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Jean-Luc Bearcard

James S.

I'm from England, but I think tea is overrated. You can find me doing support for the Bears.

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Laura P.

Neighhhh. You can find me galloping around the pastures of TunnelBear's frontend.

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Gadget Bear

Cody L.

Mac/iOS developer at TunnelBear who likes gadgets! I'm always ready to try new toys and experiences. When I'm not riding around the city with my electric skateboard, I'm off learning how to sail or a new language.

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Konstantine B.

Windows Developer at TunnelBear. Software developer by day, martial arts practitioner by night. In the summer I love being out in the wild on canoeing and hiking trips. In the winter I can usually be found rocking the hills (or eating snow) on my skis.

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Mark R.

Born in the flatlands, searching for insights in the mountains. I run product for TunnelBear and RememBear.

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Synth Bear

Nick B.

iOS Develobear. I eat bugs for breakfast. In my off time I play with electronics projects, synthesizers, and the occasional indie game.

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Roller Bear

Adrian E.

I do all things TunnelBear development, but mostly I just lose at chess to Shutter Bear. When I'm not tinkering with the TunnelBear apps you can find me rollerblading across Toronto at unsafe speeds.

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Brane P.

I'm a DevOps Bear who can only be activated by a Bear environment.

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Blaze Bear

Arun T.

DevOps Bear who likes to play with infrastructure fires.

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Rachel A.

When I'm not finding the perfect GIF to sign off your next support ticket, you can find me making costumes, playing Magic: the Gathering, or showing people pictures of my dog.

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Baloo Bear

Moe A.

When not scratching my back and shoulders on trees, you can find me singing the Bare Necessities, and eatings bugs... virtual bugs that is.

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Funnel Bear

Jordan S.

Marketing and Growth at TunnelBear. Trying to put honey on the table. Sorry about all the surveys.

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Glitter Bear

Steve D.

That's not just a twinkle in my eye that you see - I'm covered in sparkles! I'm not sure where I picked them up, but it's okay because they match my positive attitude and sparkling personality. I use this sparkle to help TunnelBear customers all over the world!

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Big Baller Bear

Vik M.

I'm the Bear that's always on the phone with a 100 tabs open on my laptop, looking for the perfect candidate to join our great team. When I'm not recruiting you'll find me watching the game with a pint of Guinness!

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Metal Bear Solid

Kai W.

Moved from Japan to the Cave, where I help people get their Bears back into their tunnels. I'm into weird, fake-sounding genres of music and anime.

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Nina W.

Designer Bear who makes bears do bear things. When I'm not thinking about bears, you'll catch me drawing, enjoying good food, or becoming a Pokémon master.

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Fit Bear

Dana W.

Always putting a lot of emphasis on living a healthy bear life! I'm constantly on the lookout for the best honey, berries and salmon, I try to keep active through bear-yoga and lifting logs and I never sacrifice my beauty-hibernation. At the cave you'll find me breathing all things Windows.

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Sleepy Bear

Abood M.

iOS Developer at TunnelBear. Writing quality code takes a lot of energy, so I've been hibernating on and off since 1993. I have a deep love for nature, and scuba diving is my favorite activity of all time.

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