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About TunnelBear

Simple privacy for everyone

We think the Internet is a much better place when everyone can browse privately, and browse the same Internet as everyone else. TunnelBear wants to bring the benefits of privacy to everyone with our incredibly simple apps.

Meet the Bears

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Corp. Bear

Ryan Dochuk

Since Cofounding TunnelBear, I’ve personally supervised the amount of bears and puns in every product. With plenty of hard work, our team has introduced online privacy to millions of people around the world. Previously I managed products at Microsoft and a mobile security startup.

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Quantum Bear

Daniel Kaldor

Cofounder of TunnelBear. I architect the TunnelBear tunnels. Previously I built and sold a mobile application company called CC Apps. I've also worked at RIM, Goldman Sachs and studied Math at Cambridge.

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Ivan Sergeyenko

Partner at TunnelBear. While my true love is developing for anything Apple, at TunnelBear I work on just about everything. Previously, I cofounded another company (CatPig Studios) and lead development at Wave Accounting among other startups. I studied Computer Science at Waterloo.

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Pixel Bear

Andrew Willis

Designer at TunnelBear. I draw lots and lots of bears. Previously, I’ve designed pretty much everything across print, web and mobile design for companies and agencies on brands such as Toyota and Lexus.

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Paddle Bear

Rodrigue Hajjar

Developer at TunnelBear. When I'm not dominating the office Ping Pong table, I ship beautiful apps. So if you see an animated bear that perfectly fits your screen walking, roaring and protecting your privacy - that's my work. I also have a masters in Computer Science.

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Smokey Bear

John Robinson

Marketing and Bear Ops. When I’m not coming up with new bear puns, I spend my time cooking and eating delicious food.

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Toque Bear

Alex Laviolette

Having been possessed by the evil lord beardemort, I've been forced to wear a toque to conceal his noseless face on the back of my fuzzy head. Bear of all trades, I work predominately on the backend, making sure our bears get the food they need. I studied Softwear Engineering at Waterloo.

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Care Bear

Owen Lewis

Bear Support. Sunshine, lollipops and rawrs! I'm all about making your TunnelBear experience a happy one. Need help with your bear? We'll probably cross paths! Also, I'm the only Welsh bear in town, Iechyd da!

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Winnie the Mu

Mu Ye

Developer at TunnelBear. With a background in computer science and a passion for design, my work mostly involves creating fun and intuitive UIs in the browser. Outside of the bear cave, I like to travel and go skiing in the mountains.

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Nova Bear


Bear Support. Astrophysics, cats, knitting, sewing, drawing, and bicycles. Love to figure things out and help out people. Time to time love to travel to Korea not to forget what real Korean food is.

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Yogi Bear

Jill Whitehead

Marketing, Customer Acquisition. Outside of the bear cave, I like to stretch, play and consume greens. I have a sensible fear of pigeons and a masters in Business.

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Raed Makhlouf

Droid bear. Welcomed in off of the streets, I came in as a young, ambitious cub and was nursed into a wild and dangerous bear. Since starting here, I've come to love board games, ping pong, and privacy. Studied Computer Engineering at Waterloo.

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Based Bear

Marcus Osobase

iDevelobear. Waterloo Computer Engineering and one of the bear trainers in the cave. I mostly spend my time providing digital habitats for all TunnelBears and BlockBears on iOS and OS X.

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Allison Meads

Support Bear & Community Manager. Love using data and problem solving to help others. Enjoy roaring outdoors, playing with words, and dreaming of space dinosaurs. I also have a masters in Sociology and a PhD in snacking.

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Vector Bear

Dennis Kovalev

Designer at TunnelBear. Born and raised in the Russian Far East. Early in life developed a deep-seated aversion to poorly designed things. Couldn't let it go ever since. Outside of the bear cave, I'm an avid non-fiction reader and language learner.

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Gummi Bear

Jess Joyce

Marketing & SEO bear. Love coding, building and optimizing the internet. Preferably while listening to music and snacking all day. One day, I hope to grow roses but I’m starting with succulents.

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Sun Bear

Claire Cheng

Marketing bear, resident boy band enthusiast and Nerf battle instigator. Seemingly immune to computer screen glare, I'm the only bear in the den that you'll find working next to a sunny window.

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TunnelBear Cub

Engineering Co-op

Engineering or Computer Science Co-op. I'm mad brilliant. I’ve shipped some software. I'm into digital privacy. I'm willing to occasionally wear an 9ft bear suit. I'm you?!

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TunnelBear Cub

Business Co-op

Business or Marketing Co-op. I might not be a developer, but I know something about software and I want to learn more. I'm into digital privacy. I’m far more organized than the average bear. I get social media #tunnelbear. I'm you?!

Bear Hall of Fame

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Kneel Bear

Neil Hooey

Dev-ops and backend developer at TunnelBear. Previously I worked at Vine and studied Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

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Carpal Tunnel Bear

Jeremy Udit

Operations and Security. I make sure that the tunnels are fast, secure and reliable. In a past life I was responsible for coming up with new ways of tracking online but am now using that experience to enhance the privacy of TunnelBear users.

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Tron Bear (Co-op)

Alton Lau

Currently a Computer Engineering student at University of Waterloo. While destroying the office at Tron with my left hand on the arrow keys, I’m crushing iOS bugs with my right hand ensuring that our iOS app runs spectacularly.

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Shrug Bear (Co-op)

Lucy Wang

Android bear, currently a second year Computer Science student at University of Waterloo. I like to read, eat and tinker around with the newest technology.

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Fabulous Bear (Co-op)

Fab Castel

I down caffeine by the bucket, and always make sure my code sparkles. I keep my bear physique toned by holding daily wrestling matches with Android and by dodging incoming nerf darts. I’m starting fourth year Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

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Cringe Bear (Co-op)

Tahia Khan

I'm a 4th year computer engineering student at University of Toronto. As the office cringe consultant, it's up to me to make sure there's no shortage of hilariously awkward moments.

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ScarBEARough (Co-op)

Tony Cheng

My daily commutes from the depths of Scarborough have hardened me into an unstoppable marketing machine. I eat cold calls for breakfast. I'm currently a 2nd year Environment & Business student at the University of Waterloo.

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Pun Bear (Co-op)

Pranjal Singh

I bear the responsibility of making sure the apps are roaring through the use of terrible puns and nerf guns. I'm currently a third year Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo.

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B1000 (Co-op)

Aiden Lee

Possessing the world's finest collection of Nerf guns, I make sure that each bear gets an occasional Nerf dart in the forehead. I'm currently a second year System Design Engineering student at the University of Waterloo.

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ColBear (Co-op)

Camus Ma

Now listen folks. Being a Mechatronics Engineering student at the University of Waterloo, I enjoy building the odd mechanical bear in my free time. I believe that online privacy is essential because what I do with my mechanical bears is no one else’s business but my own.

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