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We think the Internet is a much better place when everyone can browse privately, and browse the same Internet as everyone else. TunnelBear wants to bring the benefits of privacy to everyone with our incredibly simple apps.

Meet the Bears

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Dave C.

Obi-Wan KenoBear

Product Manager for TunnelBear. Fixer of stuff, learner of things, friend of dog. When not working on TunnelBear, you can find me playing games or hanging with my pup, Percy.

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Jacky L.

Cybear Akuma

iOS developer who seeks the ultimate power for code perfection. Crushes bugs with no mercy. Master of the UI. Destroyer of snacks.

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Konstantine B.


Windows Developer at TunnelBear. Software developer by day, martial arts practitioner by night. In the summer I love being out in the wild on canoeing and hiking trips. In the winter I can usually be found rocking the hills (or eating snow) on my skis.

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Nina W.


Designer Bear who makes bears do bear things. When I'm not thinking about bears, you'll catch me drawing, enjoying good food, or becoming a Pokémon master.

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Dana P.

Fit Bear

Always putting a lot of emphasis on living a healthy bear life! I'm constantly on the lookout for the best honey, berries and salmon, I try to keep active through bear-yoga and lifting logs and I never sacrifice my beauty-hibernation. At the cave you'll find me managing some bears.

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Daniel F.

Fisher Bear

By day, I am the TunnelBear engineering manager who enjoys all things Java, Kotlin and computer security. By weekend, you can find me out on a lake fishing or inside justifying why I haven't caught any fish yet.

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Phil S.


When I'm not tending to the plants and databases, you can probably find me at an electronics bench or setting up an art installation. I like playing music, cycling long distances, and plants.

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Claudia Z.

Cubcake Bear

I am always learning, that is how I maintain my cub status! I am sweet and I love sugar and sprinkles. Always doing everything in my 'paw'er to support every bear that reaches out!

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Bryn S.


When I'm not clawing away infrastructure issues, I'm indulging my craving for books! My creative side helps me to think 'outside the cave' when working on problems. One day I hope to create a bear-venturous book of my own!

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Darshan G.

Luffy Bear

Technical Intern, love to travel and explore new places. Music and anime lover.

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Pratik G.

Coco Bear

Technical Intern. Fan of cooking, traveling, and building gadgets. Aspiring engineer.

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Gobii V.

Rocky Bearboa

Full stack developer who loves coding, sudoku, trying new foods, and his dog - Rocky.

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Vipul J.

Captain Abearica

Koalified windows developer who loves watching Marvel movies/series, exploring new places, listing to music, and masala chai. Also, find bear puns unBearably funny.

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Vlad C.

Black Bear'd

Tinker, Sailor, Coder. Swift developer and advocate of all things Apple. You will find me sailing when the weather allows it, reading on sailing when it does not. I think knots are an underrated form of art. Ahoy! (NOT A PIRATE!)

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Kevin W.

Cure Bear

Cure Bear is an avid fan of the band The Cure. He loves learning more about technology and Cybersecurity.

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Cheryl S.


Support and social media. Owner of two cats, avid gamer, and a weekend cosplayer.

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Rahul M.

Travel Bear

Technical Support Engineer, I love going road trips and hanging out with my family.

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Omar S.

Power Bear

Windows Developer. Love to travel, fishing and gardening. Fascinated to learn new things and deploy.

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Cameron D.

Pixel Bear

Backend infrastructure developer. Fan of anything that’s either nerdy - card & video games, competitive - volleyball, or a baked good - Nanaimo bars.

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Bharti T.


Android developer, love to travel and explore new places.

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Jeff A.

Army Bear

Infrastructure manager who loves metaphors, and Hackers (the film, please don’t hack us).

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Roman S.


The typical bear-geek who loves Android and technologies. My paws help me to convert the code into new perfect applications. Rawr! I like spending my free time in a cave with games or traveling and discovering new places!

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Malti D.

Hungry Bear

Front end Developer who is always hungry either for knowledge or for food (always craving for cakes). When I am not thinking about bears, you can find me either in my kitchen cooking or on my couch watching Netflix.

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Alan M.

'This is fine' Bear

'This is fine' - an iOS/macOS developer who love coding, video game and Apple, playing his favorite game, sitting in front of his burning MacBook, waiting for XCode to build the project slowly to his lovely iPhone.

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Kanak N.

Wayfaring Bear

I love long distance walks in the midst of nature. Network Software Developer.

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Aroun D.

Stack Bear

Data Engineer. Loves to stay fit. More specifically through bodyweight exercises. Recently also re-started running and barbell squats. Also love old things (old buildings, old architecture, old cards, old music too). Admirer of leather goods mainly because if you take good care of it, you buy only once. Lastly - fiat will fail, buy bitcoin.

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Shahzada R.

The Karate Cub

Software Dev who loves spicy food, coffee and any type of sports. Spend my free time practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, local hikes and camping whenever I get a chance.

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Ayo S.

Blue Panda

Security enthusiast, Music lover, Rock and Rap does it.

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Alex K.


Backend Engibear who loves to automate everything. A huge advocate of Open Source Software and collaborative work. Besides tunnelling, I enjoy playing video games, telling cheesy jokes… and eating cheese.

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Alex B.

MacBear Pro

iOS Developer, who loves coffee, cats, VR games and my friends! Also, Apple is still amazing, don’t try to argue with me - it is a frustrating experience.

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James W.

Red Panda

Linux Infrastructure Engineer. I like hiking, ski, travel, and am a dog lover.

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Sheenam B.


Backend Infrastructure CareBear learning to take care of TB infrastructure. Love to cook, play, travel and spend time with family.

Employee Avatar

Luiz P.


Software engineer who loves to teach the computer how to do cool things. Owns several patents on advanced mechanisms capable of converting bacon to code.

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Yunzhou L.

The Rawr’chitect

VPN infrastructure architect. I spend my time making a lot of flow chart. I live in the Matrix.

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