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Simple Privacy for Everyone

We think the Internet is a much better place when everyone can browse privately, and browse the same Internet as everyone else. TunnelBear wants to bring the benefits of privacy to everyone with our incredibly simple apps.

Meet the Bears

Je suis français.

Product Manager for TunnelBear. Fixer of stuff and learner of things. When I’m not saving the galaxy from Sith lords, I’m spending time with my adopted pup, Percival. May the Bear be with you!

Accessibility advocate and all-year camping enthusiast who dreams of meeting real polar bears in the Arctic. Happiest when paddling a canoe.

iOS developer who seeks the ultimate power for code perfection. Crushes bugs with no mercy. Master of the UI. Destroyer of snacks.

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask. Now I fight against evil pixels and strike terror in the heart of poor design. When the mask comes off, you can find me with a camera in one hand and a book in the other.

Windows Developer at TunnelBear. Software developer by day, martial arts practitioner by night. In the summer I love being out in the wild on canoeing and hiking trips. In the winter I can usually be found rocking the hills (or eating snow) on my skis.

Designer Bear who makes bears do bear things. When I'm not thinking about bears, you'll catch me drawing, enjoying good food, or becoming a Pokémon master.

Always putting a lot of emphasis on living a healthy bear life! I'm constantly on the lookout for the best honey, berries and salmon, I try to keep active through bear-yoga and lifting logs and I never sacrifice my beauty-hibernation. At the cave you'll find me breathing all things Windows.

iOS Developer at TunnelBear. Writing quality code takes a lot of energy, so I've been hibernating on and off since 1993. I have a deep love for nature, and scuba diving is my favorite activity of all time.

By day, I am an Android develo-bear who enjoys all things Java, Kotlin and computer security. By weekend, you can find me out on a lake fishing or inside justifying why I haven't caught any fish yet.

I am always learning, that is how I maintain my cub status! I am sweet and I love sugar and sprinkles. Always doing everything in my "paw"er to support every bear that reaches out!

Improvising and adapting code to overcome censorship. Ask me about Python, hiking, and photography.

When I'm not tending to the plants and databases, you can probably find me at an electronics bench or setting up an art installation. I like playing music, cycling long distances, and plants.

When I'm not clawing away infrastructure issues, I'm indulging my craving for books! My creative side helps me to think "outside the cave" when working on problems. One day I hope to create a bear-venturous book of my own!

Wanna be a bear?

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