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Become an Affiliate Bear

How it works

When you join the TunnelBear affiliate program, we'll give you a unique link that you can share - whether it's on your blog, social media timeline, or an ad. You score some honey ($$$) for every subscriber that buys a TunnelBear subscription through your link.

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Monetize your site by adding TunnelBear affiliate links to your VPN-related content, or take advantage of our bear-filled banners to make the most of your traffic.

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What makes the TunnelBear affiliate program right for you?

Earnings potential

You get paid for every subscriber you send us. There's no limit on how much you can earn!

No minimums

No fine print or withholding commissions. Get paid every month, whether it's $10 or $10,000.

High conversions

Our simple, trusted apps and tried-and-tested funnel mean that your traffic will convert!

Dedicated support

Help when you need it, whether you want help building out a comprehensive strategy, or you've got questions.

Become an Affiliate Bear

Affiliate disclosure

We strive for transparency at TunnelBear, and have high standards for our affiliates when it comes to promoting our service in an ethical manner. We have a couple golden rules here:

Disclosure is key

As an affiliate, you're required to clearly disclose that you will be receiving compensation from TunnelBear in return for endorsing our service.

Don't spam

No one likes unsolicited posts on forums, bulk emails, or sleazy popups. When sharing TunnelBear, keep it clean.

Don’t be deceptive

We will not tolerate any attempts to misrepresent our services, or impersonate us and our brand.

Affiliates who do not comply with our strict standards will be banned from our Affiliate program, and have their commissions revoked. We have a zero-pawlerance policy.