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TunnelBear Cub (Engineering Co-op)

Job Summary

Do you think the internet is a better place when everyone can browse the same internet regardless of where they’re located? Or maybe that it’s a little creepy that widespread tracking and surveillance have become the de facto standard on the internet?

Founded in 2011, TunnelBear is a small team of startup veterans from companies like Microsoft, Wave Accounting and Fixmo. We think that digital privacy is important and geographic access restrictions make the internet a worse place. Our highly accoladed applications make regular appearances on Lifehacker, PC world, TNW and New York Times for helping average users avoid access restrictions and browse privately. Over the last couple years we’ve bootstrapped TunnelBear into a rapidly growing and profitable little company.

In 2014, TunnelBear is gearing up to take on our biggest challenge. We want to bring our form of private browsing to every computer and mobile device in the world. This won’t be easy, we are going to have to outsmart everyone from Facebook, Google, dodgy advertisers and maybe the occasional corrupt government. We need a world-class intern who has the chops to help us push back on the de facto standard for privacy on the internet.

We are looking for a brilliant generalist who shares our passion for mauling internet access-restriction, digital privacy, and giant digital bear humour.

Job Responsibilities

  • Write clear, concise, and well-tested code in Java, Objective-C, C#, Python, Ruby, and occasionally other languages. You don’t have to know all (or any) of these coming in, we are looking for generalists who can learn things quickly
  • Secure and optimize the infrastructure that tunnels over five terabytes of traffic every day
  • Ship regular updates to our desktop (PC/Mac) and mobile (iOS/Android) apps
  • Author the occasional bear-themed pun (optional)

Required Skills

  • Know at least 2 programming languages well, be able to pick up others in a few days
  • Know your tools – whether it’s git, vim, emacs, or Eclipse
  • Feel right at home in the terminal, comfortable with Linux or OS X
  • Should have shipped a finished product, whether it’s a “for-fun” app, an open source library, or a really impressive school project
  • Be able to work in areas outside of your usual comfort zone and get things done quickly
  • Have more than a passing interest in network security and computer/device privacy

Career Development and Provided Training

  • Work with world-class engineers from Waterloo and Cambridge
  • Help build and grow a startup alongside software veterans
  • You will ship production code on a regular basis
  • Wear a giant 7 foot tall bear suit (optional…sort of!)

Other Job Details

  • Challenging, meaningful and fun work
  • Choose from a variety of tasks, we never run out of interesting projects
  • Casual, fun and creative atmosphere
  • Flexible working hours
  • Located in Toronto, Canada on Bathurst and Adelaide, the epicenter for startups in Canada
  • Not from Canada? We don’t care, we want the best in the world and we’ll cover your flight here if you get the job

To apply, email us at: bearjobs@tunnelbear.com

TunnelBear welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

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