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Free Secure Browsing for Digital Rights Defenders

The fight for an open and uncensored internet is strongest when technologists, activists, and organizations combine their talents. As such, we're doing our part to provide our allies with the secure browsing environment necessary to effect real change in this space. We’re proud to empower their network to the tune of free TunnelBear annual accounts.

Are you an organization that provides counsel to activists, journalists, and human rights defenders fighting against cyber-censorship? If so, we want to hear from you.

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As part of this program, TunnelBear makes accounts available to its NGO partners who then oversee the distribution of accounts as needed. TunnelBear itself does not distribute free accounts.

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Access Now's Helpline provides incident response assistance and direct technical support on digital safety to at-risk users from civil society across the globe. We always advise our constituents to think critically about their security, and to pick the tools and services that best respond to their specific needs. When it comes to VPNs, trust is key.

Tunnelbear's approach to security — including annual security audits, easy to read privacy policy and regular transparency reports — provides a solid foundation to cultivate trust.

- accessnow

By undergoing and releasing independent audits of their systems, adopting open source tools, and collaborating with the open source community, TunnelBear has proven itself to be an industry leader in the VPN space and a valuable private sector partner within the internet freedom movement. Internews is happy to support TunnelBear in extending its VPN service to the media organizations, journalists, activists, and human rights defenders around the globe who can benefit from it.

- Jon Camfield, Director of Global Technology Strategy, 

Civil Rights Defenders works for and together with human rights defenders in some of the world's most repressive environments. The ability to provide secure and trusted VPNs has proven to be among the most crucial ways to support and increase the security of human rights defenders on the ground. When looking for digital security tools to add to our toolbox, we focus on trust, integrity, and user-friendliness. Therefore, we are proud to work with TunnelBear and be able to provide their VPN to those who need secure connections the most.

- Marcin de Kaminski, Department Director Security and Innovation, Civil Rights Defenders

For activists it is very important to have allies like TunnelBear. In some cases, such as Venezuela, privacy can mean the difference between freedom, jail or worse.

- Melanio Escobar, Executive Director, RedesAyuda

The Design 4 Democracy (D4D) Coalition connects global grassroots civil society organizations and technology companies to tackle some of the most pressing democratic issues. D4D does this, in part, through serving as a tech request and content escalation channel for members, while also connecting tech companies with members who can provide on the ground contextual knowledge from around the world. Our partnership with TunnelBear has proved invaluable in this, as their VPN services have enabled our members to safely do their work while also being able to inform TunnelBear of new threats.

- Kristi Arbogast, Community Manager at D4D Coalition