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We spent more than 65 hours researching 53 VPN services [and] TunnelBear is the most transparent and trustworthy provider offering fast, secure connections and easy setup.

- Wirecutter (A New York Times Company)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TunnelBear work?

TunnelBear encrypts your device's incoming and outgoing data. That means when an internet service provider, network owner, or even hacker tries to snoop on your online activity, all they'll see is garbled, unreadable junk.

Is my online privacy worth the cost?

Some internet service providers can legally package and sell details about everything you do online, so it really depends on how comfortable you are with your personal data being made available to others.

How do I know TunnelBear is working?

With TunnelBear ON, visit bearsmyip.com to confirm you're secure. As long as you don't disconnect, your online activity will be encrypted and appear as though it's coming from someone else's computer.

Will TunnelBear slow my browsing?

Not unless you're tunnelling to a country that's really far away. If you don't need to access something from a specific country, set TunnelBear's country selector to Fastest to ensure the best performance.

How many devices can I use on one TunnelBear account?

You can secure up to five devices with one TunnelBear subscription. To install the TunnelBear app on another device, visit tunnelbear.com/download from it directly and log in with your existing account credentials.

Why should I use TunnelBear over other VPNs?

Lots of reasons! It's incredibly simple to use, we're the only consumer VPN provider to perform annual security audits (and publish the results), you don't need a lawyer to understand our privacy policy, and we've got over 175,000 5-star reviews!