Put a TunnelBear in your Chrome browser

TunnelBear for Chrome TunnelBear for Chrome

Experience a more private and open Internet in seconds!

  • Reduce websites and advertisers ability to track you and your IP address
  • Get around blocked and censored websites
  • Secure your browser on public WiFi
  • Connect to a lightning fast private network with connections to 20 countries
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TunnelBear for Chrome FAQ

I already have a Giant or Grizzly TunnelBear (premium), do I also get unlimited data for the extension?

Absolutely, all Giant or Grizzly TunnelBear will also get you unlimited data on TunnelBear for Chrome.

Should I use TunnelBear for Chrome or full featured TunnelBear for Windows / macOS?

TunnelBear for Chrome only secures your browser data while TunnelBear for Windows and macOS secures all the data that leaves your computer. TunnelBear for Windows / macOS is also much more resistant to blocking in censored countries. If you live in a censored country, or frequently use apps outside your browser, you should stick with our macOS and Windows apps. If you are looking for a lightweight solution just for your browser then TunnelBear for Chrome is for you.

What about Firefox? Internet Explorer? Safari?

We hope to add extensions for more browsers in the future.

Why do you keep putting so many Bears in your apps?

Because Bears are insane killing machines that like their privacy.

Is TunnelBear for Chrome a VPN?

While TunnelBear for Chrome has “VPN-like” capabilities, it’s actually an encrypted proxy. For a full-featured VPN you can download our apps for macOS and Windows.

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