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We believe in open and uncensored internet; we believe the internet is its strongest when technologists, activists, and organizations combine their talents.

TunnelBear's employees are passionate advocates for the internet as a democratic space, and this underpins everything we do.

We publish annual reports to honour these values. Please see TunnelBear's latest security audit.

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TunnelBear is partnering with non-profits to distribute free accounts to activists.

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We provide free TunnelBear bandwidth for users in restrictive countries.

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For activists it is very important to have allies like TunnelBear. In some cases, such as Venezuela, privacy can mean the difference between freedom, jail or worse.

- Melanio Escobar, Executive Director, RedesAyuda

The Design 4 Democracy (D4D) Coalition connects global grassroots civil society organizations and technology companies to tackle some of the most pressing democratic issues. D4D does this, in part, through serving as a tech request and content escalation channel for members, while also connecting tech companies with members who can provide on the ground contextual knowledge from around the world. Our partnership with TunnelBear has proved invaluable in this, as their VPN services have enabled our members to safely do their work while also being able to inform TunnelBear of new threats.

- Kristi Arbogast, Community Manager at D4D Coalition