AT&T customers in Kansas City will soon have access to high-speed “GigaPower” service at the cost of just $70/month…if they’re willing to let AT&T track their web browsing, time spent on various sites, ads viewed, links displayed, and more. The right to go online without being tracked will cost an additional $29 monthly. Here’s what bears are saying:

    • dirty

      “I’m not particularly bothered. All my privacy settings already default to ‘Shower Cam.”
      Eleanor Whelp – Competitive Eater

    • ifuckingloveit

      “I can’t be reduced to the hours I spend on Buzzfeed. Or the fact that all their quizzes think I would have been a Lannister.”
      Ward Pompano – Cruise Ship Entertainer

    • blah

      “That seems like a deal to me; $29 a month is way less than what I had to pay the private eye to stop reporting on me to my wife.”
      Suki Ayako – Cosplay Enthusiast

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