A proposed Australian bill requiring telephone and internet service providers to retain extensive records on all users for two full years–including call logs and email content–is inching towards approval. Detractors say the bill would threaten individual rights, prevent anonymous tips and whistleblowing, and damage freedom of the press. Here’s what bears are saying:

    • grrroar

      “Between the devastating droughts in the north and Hugh Jackman’s recent performance in Chappie, this is the last thing Australia needs right now.”Hamilton Diaz – Clown for Hire

    • ermm

      “What are they so worried about? From what I understand, 98% of Aussie communication is drunk-dialing anyway.”Gina LaCroix – Lounge Visitor

    • whaaa

      “It’s sad to think that all those investigative pieces into the seedy underbelly of kangaroo boxing will be left uncovered going forward.”Inge Beradottir –

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