At the Mobile World Congress this week, the European Commission’s digital chief vowed to continue to crack down on privacy violations by US companies operating in Europe. Companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft will be subject to ongoing scrutiny for violations of stringent antitrust and data collection laws, a fact which has made it difficult for many of them to operate in the EU.

    • whaaa

      “I remember spying on the Europeans as a double agent back in the days of the Cold Wa… oh dear god, I’ve said too much…” Helga Garten – Wreath Maker

    • “How miserable it must be to live there, with the 35-hour workweeks, extensive safety nets for citizens, multiple months of vacation, easy international travel, but somewhat limited Googling capabilities.” Vlad Ruskin –

    • ermm

      “Why would anyone want to spy on Europeans? We already have most of their bolognese recipes by now.” Arno Leatherbottom – Secretary

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