This week consumers learned that Lenovo, the world’s largest personal computer company, has been embedding a spyware, “Superfish,” deep in its machines. The software not only reported all user activity to the manufacturer in China, but also caused massive security breaches in the machines, allowing hackers to easily access a user’s personal data, such as passwords and banking information. Here’s what bears are saying:

    • duuuude

      “At least I had the foresight to deposit my savings with that Nigerian Prince before this all happened.”Donetta Garmond – Flaneuse

    • ohhai

      “With all these foreign governments spying on me, you’d think my day would be a little more exciting than reheating spaghetti and watching old episodes of Blossom.”Pinkie Samson – Uber driver

    • “You don’t think they’ve hacked OKCupid yet, do you? Cindybear86 will never think I’m cool if I respond within 24 hours.”Fabio Abel – Ribbon dancer

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