A series of protests have been taking place across Canada in response to Bill C-51. The government says C-51 is anti-terrorism legislation, and its provisions expanding police powers and the power of Canada’s spy agency are for security only. Protesters say the bill is too vague, and that it targets environmental activists, indigenous communities, Muslims, and anti-government speech. Here’s what bears are saying:

    • sup

      “Shouldn’t Canadians’ natural politeness prevent them from saying anything negative about the government in the first place?” Pepi Sancho – Puppeteer

    • ermm

      “Frankly, they need these powers. I’ll remind you that the Great Syrup Heist of 2012 remains unsolved.”
      Harry Melkin –
      Ice Fisher

    • blah

      “As a climate scientist living in Canada, I’m fiercely opposed to any measures that further damage the environment.” Olga Berski – Nanny

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