I’m excited to be making the introductory post to our brand new TunnelBear company blog.

TunnelBear was founded around the idea of friendly, simple apps that handle all the complexity for our users, but every now and then it’s nice to get your hands dirty and dive into the details.

This blog will be that place for us.  We’ll give you a window into TunnelBear’s ongoing projects and new features. We’ll give you some insight into how we operate our service, design our products as well as our thoughts on some of the major issues impacting our industry. We’ll also make more than the occasional bear joke.

We also want to answer your questions.  So whether you have a serious question about online privacy or just a great bear pun, we welcome you to email bearcave[at]tunnelbear.com and we’ll try and get a post written about it.

Visit back often or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest grizzly news!