You might have noticed that in the new version of TunnelBear for iOS, you can turn TunnelBear on/off from right within the app. It’s really handy, but some users have reported that it takes longer for them to switch countries using the new method. The connection experience was further complicated by Apple’s changes in iOS 8 which caused some users to have connectivity problems. It also turns out that a handful of people just plain old prefer doing it the old “manual” way.

Over the past few days, we’ve received your feedback on our blog, through email and app reviews and we’ve done something about it. We really appreciate that so many of you are passionate about TunnelBear and have been patient while we fix the issues. The TunnelBear Team has worked around the clock to provide you with a new version of TunnelBear for iOS where you can use the manual connection method within your device settings. We recommend switching to manual control if you are experiencing connectivity issues.

How do I get back “manual” control of my TunnelBear?

  1. First, make sure you have already received the latest TunnelBear update (2.0.2) released at 2:30am EST September 19th.

  2. From the TunnelBear app, Tap menu button in the top left (looks like 3 lines).

  3. Tap “Reinstall Profile” and choose the “manual” option.

Profile Screen

  1. You can now turn TunnelBear on manually by going into your iOS settings and tapping “VPN”

Thanks for bearing with us!

Sincerely Rawwrs,
the TunnelBear Team