The TunnelBear team is thrilled to announce our new mobile applications for iOS and Android are now available for download!

We’ve rebuilt them from the ground-up with the same simplicity, but with a great new interface and rock-solid connectivity.

What’s new?

• Visualize your bear tunneling your data around the world
• Connect, reconnect and stay connected for 24/7 mobile browsing privacy
• (iOS) Turn TunnelBear on and off without leaving the app
• (Android) A New widget so you can turn TunnelBear on/off from your home screen
• 212% more bears…

Download a TunnelBear!

Download the Android App from Google Play
Download the iOS App from the Apple App Store




Android Nexus 5

Android Galaxy Tab 8

Have you downloaded the new apps? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know what you think!

Sincerely rawrs,
the TunnelBear Team