When TunnelBear began development in 2011, we started with a simple theory. There were dozens of VPN services already available, but they were generally geared towards technical users. To make VPN an effective privacy tool, people had to understand security settings like ports and proxies, protocols like OpenVPN vs. IPSec, and encryption types like Blowfish vs. AES. The idea for TunnelBear, was to manage all these complicated security decisions for users and give people a privacy tool that was as easy as “on and off”.

Over the past 6 years, TunnelBear has helped nearly 20 million people browse a more secure and open internet. Our experience growing TunnelBear and helping people in more than 179 countries to browse privately has made us realize, now more than ever, the internet needs powerful privacy and security tools that everyone can use.

now more than ever, the internet needs powerful privacy and security tools that everyone can use.

Today, we’re announcing we’ve reached the Beta stage in the development of our next big product and it’s a password manager called RememBear. Password management apps share many of the same challenges as VPN did in 2011. Less than 3% of people currently use a password manager and many of the existing tools are still complicated and frustrating to set up.

When we started RememBear development, our goal was to replicate many of the same things that made people fall in love with TunnelBear. A friendly, approachable design. A simple, fun user experience. Strong, independently audited security. And, as you might have already guessed, most importantly...lots and lots of Bears.

RememBear is now available for download and the team is really excited to share it with the world for the first time. In this Beta version, we focused on doing the basics really well. However, we’re eager to expand new features in the coming months. RememBear is currently free and a paid subscription will be available when we launch version 1.0 in a few months.

Although RememBear is in Beta, RememBear’s security is not. The RememBear team has invested a lot of time up front into thoughtfully engineering the strong end to end encryption that RememBear uses today. We’re confident it’s world class. Our security architecture and implementation have already been thoroughly audited by the cybersecurity firm, Cure53. You can read the published report of their findings on their site.

RememBear is available for macOS, Windows, Android and iOS. For today’s release we’re also announcing browser support for Google Chrome with Safari and Firefox coming very soon.

We welcome you to download RememBear and never forget another password.

Grizzly regards,
the TunnelBear Team