Snapchat, the photosharing app that automatically deletes messages sent between users, recently released a transparency report. In it, the company revealed that it has complied with governmental data requests more than almost any other tech company (including Twitter, Google, and Facebook), providing at least some data in response to fully 92% of requests. Here’s what bears are saying:

    • no

      “I never thought I’d say this, but maybe Mark Zuckerberg can teach these guys a thing or two about privacy.” Chaz Noir – Lounge Singer

    • whaaa

      Do they take requests? My ex-girlbear sent me a snap, but I forgot to save it. Hook this bear up? Eleanor Blatt - Busybody

    • sup

      “And I thought the ease with which you can screen grab every single Snapchat you’ve ever received was the biggest threat to my privacy.”
      Willikins Parsnip – High School English Teacher

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