Today, TunnelBear joins websites like Reddit, Netflix, Etsy and thousands of other sites to show you what life would be like if cable/Telco companies get their way. TunnelBear will be protesting against the FCCs new internet slowlane rules by displaying a symbolic “loading” graphic.

What is the slowlane?

Telecoms and cable companies want to bring back TV-style monopolies in the internet era. If enacted, these slowlane rules would allow companies like Time Warner, AT&T, Comcast and Verizon to split the Internet into fast and slow lanes based on how much money they’re paid by content owners.

With the new rules, you’ll be able to access all the same content from big-media websites at regular speeds, but the rest of the internet will be diverted to the slowlane. This unnecessary control over your internet would be the first step towards a system where you could be forced to pay more to access certain websites. Want access to Youtube, Netflix and Reddit? That’ll cost extra.

What can you do?

TunnelBear has always fought for an open internet, which is why we strongly stand against the internet slowlane. Key decision makers are about to make a landmark ruling about who controls your browsing experience. This ruling will determine the content choices you have as a consumer and the control that these corporations have over the websites you visit.

Join with internet users around the world in the largest digital rights campaign the world has ever seen!

Stop Slow Lanes!