Last month, we launched a beautifully re-designed version of TunnelBear for iOS that let you connect from right inside the app. It turns out though, our timing sucked! A couple days after our launch, Apple released a rather buggy version of iOS 8 which broke some of the VPN functionality we rely upon to make TunnelBear’s great connection experience.

TunnelBear would like to say a big thank you for everyone’s patience while we fixed the iOS 8 “VPN Password” bug. The issue was caused when Apple made iOS 7 and iOS 8 profiles incompatible. The good news is, it looks like most people have now re-installed their profiles and the bears are back to tunneling!

Still having connection problems?

We’ve found that most iOS 8 connection issues can be solved by installing the latest version of TunnelBear and switching to manual connection mode. This has most bears tunneling again, but we’ve discovered that a small number of TunnelBears are still experiencing connection issues.

For these iOS 8 users, we’ve found that the VPN disconnects frequently and often at random. Our engineers identified the bug in iOS 8 and reported it to Apple. Apple is now working to fix the issue. We hope it’s a quick fix so we can get you and your bear back to tunneling.

Next steps

Again, we want to say thank you for bear-ing with us as we get these iOS 8 issues sorted out. We’re hoping that Apple comes through with a fix soon, and we’ll keep you updated on the process via Twitter, Facebook and here on the blog.

Sincerely Rawrs,
the TunnelBear Team